Fabric.js demos · Add text on paths

This is a new beta feature in Fabric.js. You can specify a fabric.Path property for the text, called path, that will make the text render curved, following the path. The feature is new, and has a lot of edge cases to be solved and improved.

In this demo we are using free drawing to draw a path, and then we inspect the path ad we try to understand the best font font size to adapt the text on the path.

We are using the event before:path:created to access the path before it gets added to the canvas, calculate an approximate fontSize that will work on that path length, add this text to the canvas.

Then are using path:created to remove the path from the canvas.

On the canvas below use your mouse to draw something

  #canvas {
  	border: 1px solid blue;
    position: absolute !important;
    top: 5px;
    left: 5px;

  fabric.Object.prototype.objectCaching = true;

	var canvas = new fabric.Canvas('canvas', {
    isDrawingMode: true,
    freeDrawingBrush: new fabric.PencilBrush({ decimate: 8 })

  canvas.on('before:path:created', function(opt) {
    var path = opt.path;
    var pathInfo = fabric.util.getPathSegmentsInfo(path.path);
    path.segmentsInfo = pathInfo;
    var pathLength = pathInfo[pathInfo.length - 1].length;
    var text = 'This is a demo of text on a path. This text should be small enough to fit in what you drawn.';
    var fontSize = 2.5 * pathLength / text.length;
    var text = new fabric.Text(text, { fontSize: fontSize, path: path, top: path.top, left: path.left });

  canvas.on('path:created', function(opt) {