Fabric.js release highlights

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Version 2.0.3

This time is contributors time! @boomayao noticed that the pencilBrush was doing too much work and wrote a function to draw just the new segment, @stefanhayden fixed the clanStyle function for text styles, @scriptspry fixed a weird interaction between onBeforeScaleRotate and canvasZoom, @blucobalto repoted the exact line and problem of a group subclass problem.

-  Fix: now sub target check can work with subclasses of fabric.Group #4753
-  Improvement: PencilBrush is now compexity 1 instead of complexity N during draw #4743
-  Fix the cleanStyle was not checking for the right property to exist #4751
-  Fix onBeforeScaleRotate with canvas zoom #4734

Version 2.0.2

Fix image toSVG export for images with cropping. Improved math around coordinates to avoid long decimals

Version 2.0.1

Fix a bad mutation problem for filters in Image restore from JSON, also the interaction between retina and dataURL. Both bugfixes coming from contributors.

- fixed filter for blend image in WEBGL
- fixed interactions between canvas toDataURL and multiplier + retina
- fixed bug with originX and originY not invalidating the transform
- fixed unwanted mutation on object enliving in fabric.Image
Changelog on 1.X branch