Fabric.js release highlights

Find general v2 changes here

Version 2.2.0

New feature: superscript and subscript! check the demo to see how to activate it, along with the docs.
Fixes to text kerning with fonts that have a positive kerning on couples

-  Fixed: super/sub script svg export #4780
-  Added: Text superScript and subScript support #4765
-  Fixed: negative kerning support (Pacifico font) #4772
-  Fixed: removing text on mousedown should be safe now #4774
-  Improved: pass to inner functions the parameter calculate coords in isOnscreen #4763

Version 2.1.0

New events! now objects and canvas can fire drop, dragover, dragleave and dragenter
Refer to our events demo for an introduction, specific demo coming soon: Events demo.
Also an important fix for styled textboxes, and more to come, since some methods are marked as broken in the current JSDOC sources.
Since it has been requested, the amd footer has been inserted in the standard fabricjs build, removing the need to have 2 files built every time.

-  Added: Drag and drop event binding #4421
-  Fixed: isEmptyStyle implementation for TextBox #4762

Version 2.0.3

This time is contributors time! @boomayao noticed that the pencilBrush was doing too much work and wrote a function to draw just the new segment, @stefanhayden fixed the clanStyle function for text styles, @scriptspry fixed a weird interaction between onBeforeScaleRotate and canvasZoom, @blucobalto repoted the exact line and problem of a group subclass problem.

-  Fix: now sub target check can work with subclasses of fabric.Group #4753
-  Improvement: PencilBrush is now compexity 1 instead of complexity N during draw #4743
-  Fix the cleanStyle was not checking for the right property to exist #4751
-  Fix onBeforeScaleRotate with canvas zoom #4734

Version 2.0.2

Fix image toSVG export for images with cropping. Improved math around coordinates to avoid long decimals

Version 2.0.1

Fix a bad mutation problem for filters in Image restore from JSON, also the interaction between retina and dataURL. Both bugfixes coming from contributors.

- fixed filter for blend image in WEBGL
- fixed interactions between canvas toDataURL and multiplier + retina
- fixed bug with originX and originY not invalidating the transform
- fixed unwanted mutation on object enliving in fabric.Image
Changelog on 1.X branch